Life - James Dean

Life – James Dean

I am constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone and being open to all new experiences, so this week I set myself the challenge of going to the cinema on my own. Something I’ve never thought I could do because I had many judgments about people who do that and yes I know that’s just ignorant.

Today I went to a lovely cinema in Hampstead, London. Only me and two other people in the cinema, so it was almost like a private screening. Not bad. An experience I totally enjoyed after all the preconceived ideas!

James Dean and Me – we go back a long way (I wish)

Life James Dean

When I was young I was fascinated by James Dean. I used to say I wanted to die by the age of 24, thankfully that never came true. I read every book, watched his films over and over, he represented youth, danger and a sense of excitement.

When I found out about the new film Life, I just had to see it. Overall I was impressed, there was this kind of moodiness about it that is James Dean. However I think it would be a very tall order for any actor to be able to capture his persona. So in that sense I was a little disappointed but still glad I saw the film.

What intrigued me about James Dean and what the film was able to show were two things:

We all resist what scares us most 

The film highlights James Deans resistance and uneasiness with fame, his fear of change and letting go of the farm boy that he was. Perhaps it was also his fear of complicating his life, from the simple life he knew to the faster paced life of fame?

I found that resonated with me because I often feel resistance to things I know I am meant to do or be, it’s that feeling inside that says “just do it, go with it” but also that other voice in your head that just keeps telling you to stay the same, stay safe.

The difference is one is a feeling and the other is a thought. Which one do you think it best to listen to?

“You got to live life now, like there’s no time to waste”

There is a scene in the film where James Dean says “You got to live life now, like there’s no time to waste” how true for him, but also how true for us all.

James Dean died at 24, at the prime of his career. A true talent, gone in a split second.

I guess that is the message I take from the film, from his life and from my own life.

We really don’t know how long we have in this life, what if our time is shorter than we imagine?