“When things are falling apart they
may actually be falling together” – Pema Chodron

You can’t undo the past, you can’t fix what’s broken and you can’t take back what’s been said.

So you have a choice, stay stuck in the past or move forward by letting go of all the baggage from your past, especially your broken relationships.

I’m Anna and my life’s passion is helping people get through painful experiences such as relationship endings – Here’s what’s different about my approach:
I don’t just look at your break-up or your relationship – when you work with me we go deep, we don’t fix the problem, we fix what caused the problem so you move forward in life with a confidence and wholeness you never had before.

Work with me and I’ll help you thrive not survive

An 8 week course to get you from broken to whole again – Starting with getting in touch with where you are right now, how you are feeling right now and working through all the emotions keeping you stuck in the past. By week 8 you will have let go of the limiting thoughts, start feeling better about yourself and finally be able to let go of the hold your ex has on you