I love to travel and visit new places as much as I possible. For me travel is essential, it helps me to develop as a person and to become more mindful.

Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer

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I recently returned from a trip to Holland and once again feel that sense of groundedness.  Travel helps me to appreciate being back home, at least for a while before I start to get itchy feet again. Travel is essential for my well being and it doesn’t have to be to long faraway places, short trips can be just as invigorating.

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us

When I travel I have a few rules or better described as guidelines:

  • Always travel lightly – as much as possible I keep what I take with me to a minimum. Things just weigh you down and limit your freedom to move around.
  • Limit expectations – that means I can be pleasantly surprised by what I discover.
  • Allow myself to be open to all experiences without judgement – this has enabled me to meet so many lovely people in the most unexpected places.


Travel Mindfully

In my experience traveling to new places can be a great way to practice mindfulness in that it takes you away from what is familiar and safe. Because of this you have no choice but to trust in the unfolding day and to live in the present moment for most of the time.

Not all those who wonder are lost – J.R. Tolkien

And because you have escaped from routine and from your familiar environment it makes you just a little vulnerable, so you start to trust in yourself. As you begin to become a seasoned traveler you also become more confident as a person. After all if you have been able to rely on yourself to survive in unfamiliar situations, then that is confirming that you are good enough and you can take care of yourself. If you travel alone it also makes you good friends with yourself.

For me that might not have been the case whilst in Amsterdam because it’s not so far and not so different from London but it certainly was the case for me when I went to Nepal. There were several situations that took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to pass through fear on my own.

We travel initially to lose ourselves, but in the end we find ourselves

Travel in anyway expands our world, it shows us things we can never see by just being in familiar surroundings.

Travel makes the world a smaller place.