Every time I stop living in the now and revert to old patterns, I feel the impact on my life instantly. The more I try to control the people, events and things around me the more I lose control. I should know by now but old patterns are hard to break,  even after all the work I’ve been doing with my mindfulness practice.

I’d be the first to adwatermit that I’ve always been a bit of a control freak. It’s my way of protecting myself, putting up a wall between me and any potential pain from outside. However the more you try to protect yourself the more you hurt yourself. Protecting yourself means holding yourself back from experiencing life in it’s fullest and you stop yourself from having really deep meaningful relationships.

It’s become much easier for me to let go, live in the moment and really trust that life will give me exactly what I need at just the right time because it’s proved the best way to live.

It’s so important to live in the moment because:

  • Well fundamentally there is only this moment. At first I found this really difficult to grasp but actually if we really think about it there is no question about it. The past is definitely gone, not coming back and it only stays alive in our memory. The future is only alive in our thoughts, just as you wake up to tomorrow, it’s actually now again. You are never really in the future, right?
  • If we can only be in the now, why waste so much time thinking about the past and the future? It’s fruitless and changes nothing.
  • I know to an extent we need to be conscious of how today affects tomorrow. It’s common sense if you spend all your money today, then tomorrow you might have to do without. So living in the now does not mean being reckless it just means do what you must but then let it go.
  • Life is valuable, really valuable, there really isn’t any time to waste on useless thoughts. Don’t dwell on things, learn to let go of anything and everything, especially if it no longer serves you.
  • Now here’s a big one. As much as possible quit having expectations from others and situations. That’s hard to do but the more you practice dropping the expectations and actually trusting that what you get will be exactly what you need, the better things turn out. Might not seem like it at the time but it always turns out right in the end.

It doesn’t mean you will get what you want, it just means that you will get what you need at that time. Trust it.