Throughout our lives we are faced with situations that make us have to stop to decide which direction to take.

Sometimes the choice is easy and makes little difference to our life in general. But when we are at a crossroads that will have a dramatic impact on us, how do we cope?

Should I turn Left or Right? – Decisions, Decisions

The one thing life has taught me is that being in my head is not always the best place to be when making important decisions. Usually thinking too long about something can lead you in the wrong direction.

I went through many years ignoring my heart, ignoring my gut instinct and ignoring feelings. Always opting for the sensible, the measured and the right thing to do.Usually it was just to please others, to keep things as they were and always because I was acting from my head.

The moment you get out of your head and into your heartYou Start to Be True To Yourself

What to do when you are at a crossroads:

  • Listen to your heart. It sends you subtle signs, it’s quiet because you’ve covered it up over the years and it struggles to have a voice. But it’s there still and just needs you to stop and listen.
  • Dig deep to connect with your gut. Similar to your heart but louder. It’s that feeling in the background always there sending us signals but usually we ignore it. But it’s there for a reason, maybe it’s time to start paying attention?
  • We don’t give instinct enough credit. Our instinct is there as a guide but how often do we actually take notice of it? Instinct is our natural inbuilt alarm system, if something feels wrong it usually is and it if feels right, why ignore it?
  • Trust yourself. If you are anything like me, you will ask the whole world for their opinion before making a decision. Only you can make the decision because you know yourself the best. Asking too many people or even any at all can just over complicate things.

Get out of your head and into your heart, it is more reliable and tells the truth

  • Be flexible but not indecisive. Just because you said you were going to do something doesn’t mean you can’t adapt it. But don’t spend forever deciding and changing, make a decision and go for it.
  • You really don’t know what’s going to happen, either way. Your mind goes through all these scenarios. If I do that, this will happen or that will happen but who says and who knows? Your mind will say many things out of fear or because it thinks it knows but it has no clue. Don’t get too involved in your thoughts.
  • Yes you may make a mistake. You will live with it and mistakes are our best teachers. Relish in the opportunity to learn something new.
  • Meditate. You will be surprised by what a short time in complete stillness can do, especially when you have a tough decision to make.