cheating is a choice

Infidelity is not uncommon, most of us have experienced it either directly or through friends and family.

This subject is particularly close to me because it has played a huge part in my life due to this I’ve always felt strongly about people cheating in relationships. I’ve seen first hand how it destroys people and relationships.

“I don’t understand why people cheat. If you’re not happy, just leave”

I guess I should not be judging or even making assumptions, but this is one area that I feel completed to express a rather one sided opinion.  Being unfaithful is not a mistake, it is a choice, especially in our free society. However people still choose to cheat on their partner rather than do the decent thing of being honest. Why?

It’s easier to stay than to leave – someone once told me that it’s harder to stay with a cheating partner than it is to walk away. That was because I chose to walk away from a thirty year marriage rather than close my eyes and pretend nothing happened. Personally I think it takes courage to be true to yourself and walk away.

I can hear the comments from those who chose to stay, saying I don’t understand or it was easy for me. Of course it was. I can hear the voices of the cheaters finding every excuse possible for what they do.

But I will repeat it takes courage to walk away, to let it go and to start again. I can guarantee you the personal reward is far greater than staying, being true to yourself, taking advantage of the new freedom are just a few of the benefits.

sometimes you need to walk away

What Makes Someone Cheat on Their Partner?

To me there is only one reason for someone for cheating on your partner and that is EGO.  People choose to be unfaithful because it feeds their ego, it is a personal choice.

Research shows that people with low emotional intelligence are more likely to seek gratification through relationships with others because they are less self aware and are less able to feel empathy towards others. In a nutshell that means low emotional intelligence makes you more selfish, always putting yourself first with no regard to how others will be affected by your actions. Me First Please!!! is a cheaters moto. 

Oh and let’s not confuse education or knowledge with emotional intelligence, there is a very big difference between someone who is emotionally intelligent and one who is well educated.

To be able to work on yourself you must first see that there is work to be done. 

I have only one message for anyone who is dealing with a cheating partner and that is: