Today I was thinking about why I started Freedom in Later Life and who I am speaking to through my blog. It’s been a strange journey, when I started Freedom in Later Life it was because I was made redundant. It was going to be about my journey to get out of the 9 to 5 because I was determined to stop trading my time to profit others.

Then came my surprising separation and subsequent divorce after 30 years of marriage, so Freedom in Later Life became about starting over in my fifties.

How life changes in the course of a year or so is remarkable. When I was going through all the drama, I thought that would be my life. Now I can see it was an important part of my life but it was just one part of it.

In reflection Freedom in Later Life is more than that to me and I hope to my readers.


So What Does Freedom in Later Life Mean?

As time went by, the divorce saga started to become less of a focus in my life. Yes recovering from the trauma was an ongoing journey and to an extent still is but it’s not really my story anymore.

Then I found mindfulness, I started a spiritual journey and explored Buddhism. That has now became an important part of my life and my writing.

I had a specific audience in mind. I was thinking it would be women in my age group who had gone through a late life divorce or loss and looking for some inspiration.

But then it hit me, what if I was writing for myself? What if I was speaking to my younger self, sharing with her my insights based on the life I’ve experienced?

What if I was speaking to the young men who are confused want to understand women better or life in general?

Yes of course I am speaking to the man or woman who has or is going through dramatic life changes, perhaps specifically those in later life but not exclusively.

Mostly I am speaking to you because I know you are searching for answers, perhaps some inspiration so you can overcome the fear and make the changes you are resisting.

What I hope for is that when you read about my journey, the challenges and obstacles  you will see that in spite of everything, with courage you can turn things around. You can create a better life. I’m not there yet, I’m not perfect and my journey is far from complete but I’m happy to share the ups and the downs.  If my story inspires just one person to become the person they want to be I will be happy.



That’s why I write Freedom in Later Life.