be the change vegan

It’s been a strange couple of years. I’ve made several choices that have impacted my life dramatically and not always easy ones to make. From the outside I am sure some would say my choices have been rather crazy. However apart from the fact that I am still putting the pieces of my life back together, things are pretty much settled. Recently I decided to eliminate all animal from my diet and to try to be vegan.

Why Have I Decided To Go Vegan?

Ethical Reasons:

chickenI’m not going to pretend I am an expert in nutrition or even that I am a devout Buddhist so have removed animal from my diet, to me it’s more about how it feels. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd or to be swayed by someone else’s opinions unless of course they convinced me they have valid points. So while some may think vegan’s are some kind of fashionable phase full of self righteousness I can hopefully prove that’s not the case (although I’m sure there are some of these too).

My reason for making this change in my diet and in my life is that it just felt like the natural next step. I’m trying to make my life as clean, ethical and harmless to others and to myself as I can. I am trying to be as self aware as I can, to stop acting unconsciously in my daily life and to make choices that leave less damage to the world I live in.

Health Reasons:

Of course one of the main reasons I’ve made such big changes to my diet is for health reasons. We have a history of heart disease in my family along with other things such as obesity, smoking addiction and arthritis. After seeing how using natural remedies such as Tumeric  and eliminating red meat has helped me cure the arthritis in my hands I am convinced we are what we eat.

My personal trainer is a vegan so obviously recommends it. I’ve done some research with shows that Vegans are:

  • Less likely to be overweight
  • Less likely to suffer from heart attacks and cancer
  • Less likely to have high cholesterol

And of course there is research to show that not eating animals is bad for you too. However as intelligent beings I think it’s always best to go with your own instinct and what feels good for you.

vegan veg in ItalyI also top up with lot’s of natural supplements such as krill oil, spirulina, hemp protein and tumeric. Do they work? I hope they do, I’m pretty sure they do more than not taking them would do.

Harmful to Animals

As soon as I started to face the fact that what was in my plate was a dead animal, the affair with meat suddenly went sour! When we come to the realisation that what we are eating is just an animal that has been through tremendous pain and suffering to get to our plate I think it loses it’s taste and appeal. Well it did for me. When I was in Italy last week, I spent some time connecting with nature and really getting that into my head. Meat, eggs, milk and the rest are just dead animals or come from an animal and are meant for animals. We are not made to drink cows milk, we are made to drink our mothers milk.

soupOh and that excuse that animals were created by god so we can eat them, really? Oh wait another one of our egotist excuses to carry on destroying this great planet of ours. People forget we lived on berries before we lived on animals and then we ate raw animals until we learnt to cook them. So evolution shows us that we adapt to our environment, we don’t actually need to eat animals anymore.

And finally, my trip to Italy proved that actually vegan food can be just as amazing, no wrong in my case it was even more amazing.