beyond limits

The official definition of the word limit is “a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass”

Of course there are some limits in life, like we can’t fly or stay underwater for too long without suffocating. So I guess we could assume there are some physical limits. Note the word assume because that’s all we can do, nothing is ever a certainty.

 The only limits are the ones you place on yourself.

Oh that lovely place we live in, the one we call the mind. It works 24/7 and busier than Heathrow Airport. It doesn’t stop telling us what we can and can not do. The more we allow this mind to rule our life, the less able we become to explore life to its fullest.

You have only one responsibility – Self Actualisation

Bruce Lee was one of the great philosophers of our time, he shared some important words of wisdom with us. He spoke of self actualisation and becoming the best person we can be. How often do we go through life not knowing why we are even here, what the point of our life is? Even though th answer is simple, self actualisation.

“Using No Way As Way, Having No Limitation as limitation” – Bruce Lee

Self Actualization means becoming the best we can be, pushing our limits, exploring the world and our place in it. And like it or not, unless we remove the limits we place on ourselves on our life, we will never venture into the places we fear. never be afraid to try new things

Beware of Taking On Other Peoples Points of View

So here we are with this mind of ours full of thoughts, full of ideas of who we are, what we can and can not do. Then we pile into that already full up mind the ideas and opinions of others. Wow no wonder we go crazy!

Starting when we are children. The opinions of our parents of who we are. The good girl or boy, the pretty girl, the naughty boy, the artistic one, the talented one and who knows what else we have planted in our mind. Then we start school, here goes for a whole new view of the world. The academic one, the sports talented one but the worse one is “the average one”. Oh dear, who grew up being average? Yep I think I got that a few times.

Now as adults, we live in the confines of these limiting beliefs and then we add into it the “shoulds and should not’s”.

There’s no such thing as should or should not, it’s your life remember. Forget the “At your age you should be doing this or that” or even worse “A woman should ???????”

Is it time to delete, erase and permanently disregard everyone else’s opinions? Perhaps even time to ignore your own limiting beliefs and see what happens?

What happens when you have no limits?

A few things happen when you remove limitations:

  • Life starts to flow naturally
  • When you let go of control in your life, let it flow, then the people and things you want start to flow naturally. Believe me, it’s true.
  • When you learn to let go of limiting beliefs you begin to trust that life gives you exactly what you need, when you need it.

And finally, when you knock down all those limits, you start to experience life on a whole different level. That’s living, being present in your life and feeling every single minute of it!

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