Be Happy in the moment, that's enoughIn our busy distracted lives we can often find that things become overwhelming. There are times that we can feel the stress levels building.

If you live in a busy city like London, the crowds, the pace and the distance can make it difficult to catch yourself throughout the day.

What happens is that we then start creating stories in our heads about people, things and situations. At work someone may say something that sparks a whole chain reaction of thoughts in your head. We don’t always read things they way they are, a lot will depend on how we are feeling, any previous interaction and the environment at the time. Here we are creating a whole story based on our interpretation and probably causing ourselves needless stress.

That’s how our day progresses, one irritating event to another. But what if we could take control, not get pulled into the stories and finally be a little happier throughout our day?

Becoming Mindful of Our Thoughts Can Help – Use the 3 Step Breathing Space

In the following video Jon Kabat Zinn guides the 3 Step Breathing Space method. Listen to how simple it is to bring yourself back from total involvement in thought throughout your day. A practice that can be incorporated into your life to help build awareness and a space to relax.

Give it a go, see how it can help you become more mindful during your day.