love getting older

Sir David Attenborough turned 90 this month, a true inspiration to us all. He is living proof that age is just a number. There is so much to learn from him, least of all that life should be lived to the fullest.

Your Attitude Determines The Quality of Your Life

what you think you becomeSome people age before their time others seem to have ever lasting youthfulness. It’s less about external appearance and more to do with attitude. As a mindfulness practitioner I believe your relationship with your mind plays a large part in how well you age. The self talk, the limiting beliefs and generally your view of life is what determines the quality of your life.

If you think you are old, too old for this or too old for that, then that’s exactly how you will experience your life.

Life is an Experience – It’s Meant to Be Experienced

This video narrated by Sir David Attenborough captures the magic that is life, through the eyes of someone who has shared that magic with so many of us.

Life can not be watched from the back seat of safety and comfort, life can only be experienced in the moment, when we are in the driving seat. Fully aware, fully present.

Live Your Passion

People who live their passion really live life. Their work is not labour or a task, it’s what drives them, it’s what keeps them going everyday. If you spent more time in the flow, on your passions then surely retirement would never be your aim?

I removed the word retirement from my vocabulary a long time ago and replaced it with “living a life based on passion” – not looking to retire at 65 I’m looking to keep going until the gas runs out because life to me is still amazing.

Give it a go, remove that fake date from your mind and see just how many years you claim back. When you remove that expiry date suddenly you feel like there is so much more time.

Freedom in Later life is my passion, helping people to see that life doesn’t stop or slow down, we only slow down when we accept that we are too old.

Please do share your views or connect with me. Age is just a number.