This Single Life can be a laugh at times!

logo_smallBeing single again brings it’s challenges to say the least but at times I just have to laugh. For many years I would have to cook for a whole family, every day having to come up with something everybody wanted to eat. I wasn’t really much of a cook, don’t really enjoy cooking to be honest. But when you have small children, you have to make sure they are eating well and healthy. So I learnt to cook and I did ok most of the time.

Now I find myself rarely cooking as such, although I am eating much healthier. It can be a drag having to wash up lots of dishes after just for one plate of food.

Today I thought I’d be a bit creative and make something different. I really felt like having something sweet, had pancakes on my mind for a few days. Can you believe I couldn’t remember that you have to put eggs in the mix? But luckily I did remember just before putting the mix in the pan.

Anyway, this was my recipe for pancakes (or technically crepes):

1 egg





Blue Berries

A drop of Amaretto (obviously need some alcohol)

Sounds good right? Well if I wasn’t trying to be healthy and fry the pancakes in Coconut Oil I think it may well have turned out to be a rather good meal.

This is what they ended up looking like:


Yes I agree it looks pretty awful but you know what the taste wasn’t as bad as it looked a bit under cooked but I survived.

What’s funny about this?

It’s liberating to do what you want, without having to ask anyone else what they want to eat and there is no judgment here.

Well except for the fact that I’ve just shared it with the world and I’m sure there are plenty thinking “what a load of rubbish!” But that doesn’t matter because it was my dinner, nobody else’s and that is just fine with me.

“You only get one life. I’ve just made a decision to change things a bit and spend what’s left of mine looking after me for a change.” – Helen Fielding, Bridge Jone’s Diary

I think anyone who has just come through a breakup especially after a long term relationship will understand how strange it can be to just think of yourself. Little things like experimenting with food, like I did today, can be a learning experience.

But mostly I think learning to laugh at yourself can be therapeutic and help you adjust to single life.

Listen to my audio where I talk about Single Life and having a laugh at myself