Never a Failure Always a Lesson

The more I talk with people in my groups the more I see the unresolved pain we carry from our relationships. After all we invest so much into our relationships, it’s no surprise that we become emotionally attached.

When a relationship ends, especially an intimate one, we feel like failures. Once we stop blaming others about the so called failed relationship we realise we also played a part in the outcome. A relationship that didn’t last the course is then seen as a failure, we are seen as failures and worse we start to see ourselves as failures.

If the purpose of life is to learn, grow and become the best person you can, then all experiences are lessons. A failed marriage is no more a failure than a marriage that lasts a life time, the lessons maybe different but they are all important opportunities to grow.

Some of the most successful, influential people today have overcome many disappointments to create extraordinary lives. Without these experiences would they have become who they are?

Never a Failure Always a Lesson

Sometimes we learn more from a casual encounter than from people we see, live and know for a long time. We can not measure the importance of a relationship on it’s length, after all we can only see the impact of any lessons we learn through the course of our life.

I guess the point I am trying to make here is that we should be open to life, letting people flow through without becoming so attached that we miss life’s lessons. If you have been through a painful relationship breakup, dare I say it? Yes I’ll dare, I’d say you are privileged to be given one of life’s greatest lessons. Of course you get to choose how you learn, what you learn and what you do with it but you have an opportunity to see things much clearer now.

I can certainly vouch for my own breakup being the greatest wakeup call I’ve had. Fear kept me in denial for a long time.

If you believe illusions to be real and reality to be illusions, you will never achieve inner peace.

So I say thank you for the experience, thank you for the wake up call and I’ll attempt to make the most of this one great lesson.

In this video, Oprah Winfrey eloquently talks about life and the fact that “There are no mistakes” She helps to show that life is a series of moments, however a moment is just that a moment. It’s not our life, each moment determines the direction of our journey. If we are not paying attention it may steer us in the wrong direction until we finally wake up.

Can you be brave enough to embrace even painful experience?

Can you see that these are the ones that help you grow?

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