quality of your life

Yesterday I completed a 6km run/walk. While that might not sound like much of an accomplishment to some, I am proud  because when I look back to where I was two years ago this is an achievement. However when when I say my marriage was killing me, I don’t mean it literally. I am referring to the lifestyle I was living whilst I was married. A very complacent, sedentary life, taking my health for granted and just coasting along with no real passion for anything.

Unhealthy relationships affect our emotional and physical health.

polarbeatI was reflecting on how far I’ve come since my last holiday with my ex-husband when we went to Santorini. We stayed in a lovely apartment overlooking the Aegean sea. Stunning views! However as I look back at that holiday I feel sad at how much I struggled to walk up and down those cliffs, my whole experience was limited because of my health at the time.

I thought I’d share a photo of me at that time to see how my marriage was killing me (no sorry my lifestyle!!). Yes that’s in Italy not Santorini, can’t find a photo in Santorini. Now my point is not just about the weight. It’s not just about what I looked liked, even though that’s important, it’s the affect that my lack of self care had on the quality of my life.

me old

Italy 2012

Taking Care of Yourself – A Fundamental Part of Life!

Although my marriage wasn’t the only reason I failed to look after myself, it was a huge part of why I just wasn’t taking care of me.

When you are busy taking care of everyone else, you forget to take care of yourself.


One of the advantages of being single again is having the time to take care of myself. And noticing how much my health was starting to deteriorate has made this a priority.

Healthy Lifestyle – The Changes

The first thing I did was to stop smoking. There is absolutely nothing I can say in support of this awful habit., one that I shared with my ex husband, supporting each others addiction. So as soon as I separated I ditched the cigarettes and took the first step to freedom.


Me and my friend David

Exercise – Getting Myself Moving

Now I move a lot more than I used to. I walk as often as I can, rarely use the car and train in the park twice a week with my personal trainer. Oh and I forgot I also do yoga once a week.

Still got more to do but it’s progress.

No More Eating Animals

This is a bit more extreme. I no longer eat animals. This is controversial, some say we must eat meat to keep healthy and others say we shouldn’t. I’m going with what feels right and it no longer feels right to eat animals. It’s a lifestyle choice and one that has a positive impact on my health. Also hoping it helps with my Karma.

It’s never too late to start again

Having Fun – Be Happy

Life is too short to waste on bitterness, anger and disappointment. Just because life didn’t turn out the way you planned doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around, take advantage of the new opportunities and start having fun. I don’t take much notice of age, it’s not how I define myself.

So I get out and have fun in ways I want. Our attitude to aging is what ages us. Does this mean I’m pretending to be something I’m not? Not at all, it just means I live according to me, we can only live our own life.

The minute you think you are old, you are old

I guess the message I am trying to share here is that if we want to have a fulfilling later life we have to take responsibility for our health. We must move, eat right and take care of ourselves. Our body is our vessel to carry us through to the end, love it, treasure it and take care of it.

It’s not really an option to continue abusing yourself and expecting to live a happy,healthy life over fifty.