I just thought I would let anyone reading my blog know that for the next three days I will not be posting. As I  said in my previous post I am attending a Mindfulness Teacher Training course in Scotland.

Whilst at the center there is little if any communication with the outside world, technology is not available and I know my mobile phone has no signal. So I am taking a break from the every day life, giving up my technology and really embracing the next three days.

It’s never easy going on a mindfulness retreat because all the work is done on your mind, on you. I think working on yourself is the hardest work, it’s emotional, it’s challenging and yet in the end very rewarding.

You can find out more by reading my post on Mindfulness Teacher Training.

So excuse me for the next few days if I am absent from here, I promise to share my experience when I am back. In the meantime, relax and enjoy every moment.