Mindfulness – Is the practice of “being imperfect”


This weekend I start the next part of my mindfulness journey. Two days of focused mindfulness practice and I’m feeling nervous. Why would you be nervous when practicing mindfulness? Because I guess like everything in life we set standards for ourselves, expectations that what you do must be perfect.

Then I read the course preparation material and this is what got me excited: 

“do remember that as a mindfulness teacher it is always our intention to model being imperfect human beings. We hope to develop OKness with the process of making mistakes”

How perfect, to be given the permission to be imperfect. Suddenly the pressure is off and the anxiety about having to perform has slipped away because it’s all OK. How sad that we don’t have this attitude in life?

If we are all on the same search for happiness then surely having an attitude of “OKness” has got to be the answer? Ultimate expression of self compassion.

What does it mean to have an attitude of Okness?

  • Okness is not acceptance of bad situations without trying to change them or even the acceptance of bad things happening to you.
  • Okness is not acceptance of people treating you badly.

It is purely the acceptance of the fact that life is always going to be imperfect, you will always have to face bad things and bad people in life. But being able to accept that is what is important, not fighting it and accepting life as imperfect and being able to feel ok with it.

As I set of for my two days of mindfulness training, I am more comfortable knowing that I won’t be perfect and letting go of all expectations of myself. I will be making mistakes, I will be imperfect but that’s what I’m there for, to learn from my mistakes. And that’s perfect in it’s own way.