To live in the moment, you must first learn to “trust emergence”

“trust emergence” – a term used by Gregory Kramer in his work called Insight Dialogue. It sounds complicated but I will try to explain it from my own experience so you can apply it to your life.

Last week I attended a course held at a Buddhist monastery in a remote part of Scotland. Well remote for this old Londoner. I booked myself into a room for the two nights. Having stayed there before I was confident that the room would be within the monastery walls.

On my arrival I checked in as usual and was told my room was at the nuns house, a short walk outside the monastery. I was reassured that it would be fine as  they gave me a small torch. At this point I started to get a little worried.

I walked to my room to leave my small case and to see where the room was as it was afternoon and still light.

The teachings finished at 8pm and we decided to go for a hot chocolate before going to bed for the evening. I didn’t want to miss the fun, so I stayed instead of going back with the other two ladies also staying in the nuns house. I was sure it would be fine, I mean it’s not London what’s the worst that could happen?

And that’s where my little story begins.


This picture is taken in the morning, so it’s light.

Just image walking along this road, no lights, no people, no houses (that’s the village hall and it was closed) and unfamiliar sounds.

So here I was, just me and the little torch that barely lit a few feet ahead. The stories started to build up in my head as my pace got faster. I was scared. “Oh well some crazy guy is going to jump out of the bushes and bye bye Anna”

Then something kind of snapped me out of it, the term “trust emergence” came to mind. I could see as far as the torch light reached, after that I had to trust it was safe, I had to just trust in that moment because I couldn’t see further.

What else could I do but live in the moment and trust in whatever emerges?

Then I relaxed, started to take in the sounds, the smells and trust it would be fine.

Isn’t that what life is all about?

We can only see the moment that we are in, we can’t see the moment that past and we certainly can’t see the moment ahead, so the only choice we have is to place trust in whatever will emerge and live in the moment.

And the gem of this story is that once I reached the top and found the nuns house, one of the lovely ladies I had met that day was waiting for me and was ready to come looking for me. I made another great friend that day.

How amazing would life be if we could relax, live in the moment and trust that all will be fine?