Nothing ever stays the same, things are continuously changing, people around us change and over time we change.

When something ends in our life we tend to resist trying to keep everything as they’ve always been because we are afraid of losing the people or things we have become used to.

In reality we have no control in our lives, however much we try and however much we think we can, nothing is ever permanent in life. The very fact that our life will end at some point should be enough for us to understand and grasp the importance of not expecting things to stay the same.

When a relationship ends, it is a new beginning

Pain is inevitablesuffering is optional

Relationships Ending:

At the time, when we are going through the hurt of our relationship falling apart, we don’t see the opportunity to embrace a new beginning. But when we get through the turmoil and when we learn to let go of the pain, then we allow all the wonderful things that new beginnings can bring to us.

Buddhism talks about how we hold on to pain, turning it into suffering because we either don’t want to let go of it or because we don’t know how. When someone disappoints us or lets us down we can easily be drawn into blaming and focusing on getting some relief from our pain by projecting it outwards, usually to the person that hurt us.

But the work has to start within, only we can heal ourselves. The most important thing about letting go of the anger and relishing in this new beginning is that it’s such an opportunity to grow as a person. The sooner we can see this the faster the healing can begin and the new beginning can start.

When things fall apart they may actually be falling into place - Pema Chodron

The following are some of the things that I’ve most treasured about my ending and new beginning:

  • The time I get to spend on myself, on my health and on doing what I enjoy.
  • Not having to compromise anymore because I only have to think about what I want.
  • The opportunity to rediscover myself, to find out what I love, what gives me joy and happiness.
  • Not having to please others, how uplifting not having to think every minute of the day how to make a significant other happy?
  • Eat when I want, sleep when I want and go out when I want – that’s liberating.
  • Making new friends that I connect with.
  • Travel – I can travel where I want and when I want.
  • Working life- again I’m making choices based on the lifestyle I want without the pressure of thinking about how it impacts on anyone else.

Let the new beginnings in and watch life unfold.