The Most Dangerous Animal of The World – The Mirror

After a breakup, especially if you were badly treated by your ex-partner, your self image may not be at its best. After many years of marriage to the same person, you tend to relax into life and not think much about what you look like.

A common problem in many marriages is that you tend to just let go of yourself after a while. I know I dime2d in the last few years of my marriage, I guess that should have been a sign in it’s self. We kid ourselves by saying it’s because we are comfortable with each other so we don’t really need to try anymore, that’s just a cope out. Self love should never stop, we only have one real duty in life and that’s to look after ourselves.

Last weekend I was out with a group of ladies. One of the young ladies, who was absolutely beautiful, just could not bare the thought of her photo being taken. It surprised me that she could not see how pretty she was and it reminded me of the sign I saw when visiting a monastery in Nepal (photo above),

“The Most Dangerous Animal of The World – The Mirror or Camera”

I had some photos taken over the weekend so I could share them on my blog, to be honest I really felt uncomfortable sharing them. But then I got a grip, I am who I am and that’s good enough. Self acceptance is vital to living a healthy, happy life.

Next time you are being hard on yourself or unhappy with your appearance, think about this:

  • Beauty is within. Just because someone appears to be beautiful on the outside does not make them a beautiful person. Appearances are just that, appearances.
  • Work on self acceptance, start with where you are now and learn to look in the mirror at who you really are.
  • Self love is vital. You can not love anyone else is you don’t first love yourself. That goes with all relationships, even that of a mother. You owe it to your loved ones to really love who you are, not what you look like but who you are at the core.
  • It is not a reflection on you if someone treated you badly. When someone treats another person badly, they do so because it makes them feel better. They fail to see the problem is within themselves and it won’t go away by blaming others. So stop beating yourself up and start feeling sorry for the person that hurt you because they are in a worse place than you.
  • If you judge yourself only from what you look like, then so will everybody else. You are more than just this body, way more.