Ultimately we all seek happiness, that is the purpose of life, right? We search and search for things that will make us live in this constant state of happiness because the alternative is to be unhappy and that is not a desirable state.

I have always been an easy going person, happiness has been my general state but like most people, I’ve had my not so great days. When my life was thrown into chaos I made a conscious decision to make changes in every area of my life so that I could be happy as much as possible.


The main thing that I found was that being happy with less is the easiest way to be in a constant state of happiness. Why?

Travel Lightly

I wrote about this yesterday in regards to the literal meaning of traveling lightly, taking as little as possible with you when you travel abroad. It makes it so much easier to get around when you have less to carry and less to worry about.

Doesn’t it therefore make sense to apply this to our life? Why spend all our time chasing things, getting attached to things that just weigh us down?

The less you own and the less you are attached to, the freer you are.

Being happy with less costs less

When I divorced and sold my house, I packed thirty years of my life into three boxes. Most of the things that I wanted to keep where photographs of my children. I had nothing else that I wanted to take into my new life. But I spent many years working hard, doing jobs I didn’t like so that I could afford to buy things I never needed or valued.

I look back at those years with sadness at the person I was, chasing an illusion of a happiness filled with “things” How crazy is that?

So now the things I value are my friends and family, the opportunity to travel and visit new places, meet new people, nature in all it’s beauty and my health.

Things are meaningless. Don’t waste your life chasing after the next new gadget.

A job is just a job – it does not define a person

the shard london

I’ll be the first to own up about getting carried away with the perception that my career had somehow defined me as

a person. Because I had this decent salary I was now “someone”. I was always out for the next career move, working harder, playing the career game!

Then I was made redundant and the whole illusion of who I was suddenly changed. And I didn’t want to play that game anymore.

We are not defined by our jobs, a job is just that. It is a means of earning an income and if you don’t enjoy what you spend most of your time doing, then you need to change things.

Don’t be fooled into believing that just because you earn a good salary and have a good job that you are any better than the next person.

Be mindful  of your ego so it doesn’t rule your life

Now my life is simple, I have less and I am happier with the lighter load I carry.