Be your authentic self

We Are All Born Uniquely Different, Not One of Us Like Another.

I believe that is because we are born with an authentic self. I see that even more since my twin granddaughters were born. Watching them grow has shown me that even though they may look almost identical, they are very much two uniquely different people. Even at a year old their authentic self is shining through in different ways.

Finding Our Authentic Self

Our need to fit in, to be part of the wider group makes us cover up the parts we find hard to accept about ourselves. Not many of us are comfortable with being different, even though we are all unique. We fight that uniqueness because it scares us, until one day we don’t even know who are are.

I wrote this (very authentic however in no way polished) a few weeks ago and decided to share it just as it is. I’ve put the work in and come to accept what I call the good, the bad and the ugly about myself. Either way they are all part of me and I’m happy to accept what is.

In My Life I Have Been Many People.

A daughter, sister, mother, teacher, wife, friend, grandmother and even a lover.

Each one of these “people” has a label attached, an expected behaviour and a way of being.

Until eventually these labels become who we think we are.

One day, if we are fortunate, we get a wake up call. When I got mine at first I could not see the gift, it was clouded in sadness.

When the clouds finally evaporated there was a rebirth. So great, so exciting that the death of all those labels released the pain, the sadness to allow the powerful Awakening to happen.

They say for someone to be born another must die. Such is the nature of life – A cycle of birth and death.

To fully appreciate life we must accept the inevitability of death.

Death allows us to detach from what no longer serves us, so we can finally uncover the authentic self.

No Labels Needed – Being is Enough

don't worry about dying

How Do We Find Our Authentic Self?

Do you wonder why it is that we seem to feel this void in our lives, it doesn’t matter what we do, who we are with or what we have achieved, there is always this feeling that something is missing? That is a disconnect with our authentic self. 

To get back to our essence, we must have the courage to let go of what does not serve us.

We must even let go of the people who no longer serve us and yes sometimes that may even be people very close to us.

We must have the courage to look deep within to understand, accept and embrace all that we are. Then we can begin to reconnect with our authentic self.

Walk in your truth