Last year whilst in Nepal I started to notice that one of my thumbs was really stiff and a few days later I just couldn’t move it. I thought I had injured it from carrying my suitcase around or something similar, I had to live with the pain until I got home.

The thing is over the next few days I also started to feel a general stiffness in the same hand. I went to my doctor who prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets and sent me on my way. Over the weeks the stiffness moved to the other thumb and hand, actually very painful to move especially in the morning.

By this time I knew it wasn’t an injury, injuries don’t usually jump from one place to another, right? I started to do my own research and began to consider the possibility that it was the start of arthritis, something that runs in my family.


Thankfully I was referred to a specialist!!

After a couple of months I was happy to finally get an appointment to see a specialist.

I explained my situation to the doctor and told him I thought it might be arthritis. That didn’t go down well, I mean how dare I show up with information and self diagnosis?

First he dismissed everything I said then he decided it might well be arthritis! All from looking at me in the face. Uhm I was beginning to lose confidence.

But the conversation that followed sealed it for me:

Me – “So doctor what do you recommend?”

Dr – “Well you have the choice of anti-inflammatory tablets, cortisone injects or surgery”

Me – “Right, so what causes arthritis?”

Dr – replied rather annoyed “We don’t know what causes arthritis  it’s my job to help you with the symptoms!”

Me – a bit shocked by the response “So can I use something natural? I’d rather not put chemicals into my body or have to endure surgery?”

To which the doctor wrote in his notes “patient has refused treatment” – really that’s not what I said.

So I made a commitment to help myself. In short in the last year the stiffness in my hands has gone and I have no problems with my joints. How?

  • I stopped smoking – nothing else I need to add to this one, the benefits of not smoking are immeasurable.
  • Turmeric – I take 2 capsules of turmeric everyday. This is specifically for joints and is naturally anti-inflammatory.
  • Krill Oil – Again 2 capsules a day – for general health.
  • Spirulina – Between 3 & 4 tablets a day – for general health.
  • Changed my Diet – (Based on research evidence)
    • Stopped eating red meat
    • Replaced cows milk with alternatives such as almond milk
    • Almost eliminated dairy
    • Reduced bread intake to once a week or less
    • Removed all refined processed food
  • Exercise – I try to regularly include some exercise into my week. I have also started yoga which is very good for joints and keeping mobile.

Why don’t doctors first recommend natural cures before giving us chemicals that cause other health problems? Well I am guessing there is a vested interest but I won’t go into that one here.

I’m just glad I followed my own advice and improved my health without any side affects.