What is the difference between Guilt and Remorse?



So here’s the thing, in life we end up hurting others, there’s no real escaping this. If we believe in Karma then we need to be aware of the following. Oh and if you don’t believe in Karma, surely you must believe in the fact that in life there is always a consequence to an action, same thing as Karma!

  • The key is the word “intention”. If we intentionally hurt someone else then we have a lot more to make up for.
  • When we hurt others, most of the time we say something like “I feel so bad” “I feel so guilty”. It’s not really feeling anything towards the person we hurt, it’s all about how we feel. So Guilt is a useless feeling, it does not help.
  • Remorse on the other hand is a deeper feeling, one that requires us to search inside and to feel real regret about what we have done.
  • Remorse does not mean we have to change our minds or do something we don’t really want to do, such as return to a relationship that does not serve us. What it means is that we show compassion to the person we hurt and we try to help them deal with the hurt.
  • Remorse means that we intend to never do that hurtful thing again because we feel the hurt we have caused someone else.
  • Guilt means nothing. Many a criminal has admitted guilt to a crime and then repeated the crime. The guilt is usually only felt when they are being brought to justice and often the guilt is just because they got caught.

I here you reading this thinking, what does any of this have to do with anything? Well I guess what I am trying to say is that if you are reading this blog, you are probably going through a painful time in your life and looking for answers.

If you are considering making a difficult decision that is likely to have an impact on someone else, then act with kind compassion, show some remorse and do your best to lessen the pain. We all have to sometimes take action that may hurt others, that is life.

However we can do it in a manner that is considerate and thoughtful, no need to hurt the other person just to lessen our guilt.