A comfort zone is a beautiful placebut nothing ever grows here

This year I decided to do something different on New Year’s Eve seeing as my life is such a contrast to what it was. I have friends in Somerset so decided to visit them and to also have some quality time for myself. So I booked into a lovely remote bed and breakfast.

And this is where my three days of getting out of my comfort zone began.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone is Part of Growing

I push myself to get out of my comfort zone because after a while of being comfortable things stop feeling good or right. It feels like things become stagnant and I am no longer learning or growing. For me changing things up, putting myself through new experiences that are a little scary is vital.

Even on this short road trip I was able to learn so much about myself, just the fact that I was away from the familiar, the comfortable and the safe was enough to make me re-examine myself.

I think when you allow yourself to just be in that moment, a little insecure and a little scared then you reinforce your self belief.

Every time you work through a tricky situation alone, you get stronger as a person.

On one of the days I took a drive up to Cheddar, determined I would see the caves even if it was pouring down with rain and even if I was alone. Just because you are alone doesn’t mean you have to hide, there’s no shame in being alone. Actually quite the opposite. I find it so freeing to just get up, go where I want without having to consider someone else.


After my cave tour I went to get some lunch in a really cute little tea room. I’ve got used to going out to eat alone now, it doesn’t bother me at all. And the great thing about doing this is I always end up having great conversations with complete strangers.

I got talking to a couple sitting next to me. The man lived near me as a child, grew up pretty locally and was born in Cyprus where my family originate from. I am over 150 miles away from home and sitting next to someone I most probably passed on the street as a child. That is how small the world really is and that is just how connected to each other we really are.

How can you ever be alone when we are all so connected? We only think we are alone because we live in this closed off world of the people and things we are familiar with. Once you let go of that and open up to the reality of how we are all so connected, there is no such thing as being alone.

My drive home!

Oh I could go on forever about the small things that I learnt about myself in those three days. But the one I want to share the most is my long drive home. It was meant to be a 3 hour drive but turned out to be nearly 5. It was raining so hard at times I couldn’t see the road in front, so I had to stop a few times just to rest my eyes.

Stonehenge from my car

Stonehenge from my car

There’s something magical about being stuck in a car for hours on your own. You know the only one you have to rely on is yourself. Here you are, it’s down to you to get home safe and in one piece. And like my experience in Nepal, I did it. What’s more you can’t run either, here is a place where you have to sit with you and here is where you learn so much about yourself.