I’ve not been great at looking after my health over the years, I think many of us tend to fall into the self neglect routine when we get married and have children. I’s usually a combination of lack of time, having to care for others and sometimes it’s to do with money. Whatever our reasons, neglecting our health can take it’s toll on us by the time we reach our 50’s.

Quit Smoking

During the my break up and divorce I smoked way too many cigarettes. After a while I noticed that it wasn’t just my emotional health that had taken a bit of a hit but also my physical health. The first thing I did was to quit smoking. To be honest once I’d made up my mind to do it, there was no turning back. The app I used to track my progress currently reads:

  • 300 days smoke free (almost 10 months!)
  • 76 days of life regained (that’s a bonus, could do with them)
  • 4806 cigarettes not smoked (wow)
  • Savings so far: £2,403 (ok no I’ve spent the money on having fun)

But recovering from the damage of smoking, over eating, eating the wrong food and lack of exercise is going to take a bit more than just quit smoking.

7 Day Detox Challenge

Over the last year I have made a lot of changes to my lifestyle. I eat a lot healthier, have lost some weight and generally a lot more healthy than before. But now I am moving it to the next level to see if I can really turn back time in regards to my health.


I have already “beat” the first signs of osteoarthritis in my hands. Of course with all the typing I do, it’s no surprise that my hands would be the first to be affected. After several fruitless visits to the doctors I went alternative and natural. Made some changes to my diet and added things like turmeric and spirulina to my intake of minerals and vitamins. It seems to have worked because I have fully functional hands again!

Not about Appearance

I want to make it clear that what I am doing has nothing to do with appearance, of course if I lose weight and it makes me look better then that’s a great side affect. The most important thing for me is to make a dramatic change to my health so I can use this body to do the things I want to do.

Unhealthy bodies limit us, restricting what we can and can not do, so here goes.

Listen to my introduction or watch the short video: