Quote about Fear

I spent this weekend in Brighton, love the place. It has such a vibe about it, you have life by the sea in the day time and in the evening a vibrant nightlife.

I added some excitement to the weekend by having my first jet skiing experience. Not something I would have seen myself doing a few years ago but here I was celebrating another birthday by riding the waves in Brighton.

When a friend asked me to go with him jet skiing my first reaction was “no way!!” After all I’m too old for that sort of thing and what about all the dangers? A couple of weeks later, I suddenly thought “too old for what?”. When does age have to stop you from living a little dangerously? So I changed my mind and went ahead with it. Felt the fear and did it anyway.

This is me after the ride, happy to be alive. Yes I know not looking so glamorous but who cares, it was too much fun to have to think about appearance.


Play it safe? Then safe is what you get.

I’ve always believed that every experience is given to us so we can learn and grow. Often the most challenging ones are the ones that teach us the most. Sometimes though we have to push ourselves into the unknown, into the face of fear so we can know what we are capable of. Why, I hear you say?

You can not possibly live a life in comfort and expect to have a life full of wonder, you get what you put in.That’s how life works.

There is no better way to learn to let go and trust in the process than when you are in the middle of the sea with waves nearing 4 feet coming straight at you. As a complete beginner that is daunting, I can verify that one. When I saw those waves coming towards me I had to throw the throttle and go for it. I could feel my heart beating faster than normal and felt very nervous about being able to stay on the jetski.

I had to make a choice, either I stay at safe speed and hope that the wave didn’t take me along with it and possibly knock me of the jetski. Or follow the instructors advice and go faster so that the jetski would be more stable. Although I was scared I did just that, I revved up the engine and went straight over the top of the waves. That was a rare moment in life. Life should be made up of more exhilarating moments like this.

Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina

And this is the point of it all, fear is the most powerful deterrent to living life to the full. It’s crippling. When I feel fear taking over I ask myself this one question:

“How many minutes of my life am I willing to give to fear?” and the answer is always “not one single minute!” because every minute of life is precious. And the truth is the reality is never as bad as the stories we tell ourselves because of fear.