what to do when you feel down

I’m usually a very self motivated person, I do what needs to be done and much more. I’ve been accused of being too passionate about life, I’ve been asked when is it enough (meaning what I’m not sure?) and yes I do like to kick life in the butt, even at my age. So feeling down is not supposed to happen to me, right?

But I do get days when I just can’t be bothered, I’d rather just do nothing, veg out. And yes I’ll admit it, even I sometimes feel like giving up on what some may see as a ridicules view of life. However I don’t stay in that story for long because I’ve learnt to recognise the signs.

Tiredness – Feel it, Acknowledge it and Rest

Don’t stop because you’re tired, keep going because you’re almost there

If you are anything like me then even feeling tired is not an option. Instead of just admitting I’m tired, I usually just have another coffee. Yes not a great solution because of the come down after but that’s the only vice I have. But seriously tired is tired, it happens to us all. I’ve learnt to listen when I’m feeling tired, so I’ll have an evening off and just do something pointless.

Exercise – Really Does Make You Feel Better

Oh you don’t have to tell me how much motivation is needed to get your butt moving. I do try to walk everyday if not go for a run and I’ve invested in a personal trainer to make sure I do some real exercise twice a week. I’m not into gyms, prefer the outdoors and that way I get fresh air too.

Meditation – To Bring You Into Awareness

Of course I could not get myself going without practicing some form of meditation every day. Be it formally sitting in meditation or just using a daily task to focus on. For example if I don’t feel like sitting in meditation I’ll do something like wash the dishes or clean my flat in complete silence, really immerse myself and focus on that task. What this does is bring me into the present, connecting with whatever maybe going on for me at that time.

Feeling down is often an emotion from something going on that we may not easily see. It could be tiredness, it could be boredom but it could also be something deeper than that. Meditation helps you connect with yourself and in that silence comes answers. Try it and see what happens.

down days

Mindfulness – How I Live

And although I would never call myself a mindfulness expert, I am a mindfulness practitioner. That means I practice every day, every moment to stay in touch with myself and with whatever is going on for me in that moment. Because of my practice I am able to feel what I feel without trying to make it better or change it.

In life we must learn to live with the down times and the up times. Anything else just causes us to get stuck in fighting life, trying to make it the way we want it, only wanting what makes us feel good.

True happiness includes being comfortable with the down times. After all life is always up and down. 

Fear of Success

Yes it’s very true, some of us are fearful of success. Why? I think it’s because when you can see your dreams, your plans becoming reality, it suddenly hits you. “What now?” “What next? 

Then there’s the high you’ve been riding to get your dreams going. Always thinking about what you want to achieve, planning, seeing the vision and the adrenaline you get from that. Then you see it coming true, your plans are now real. Your business is taking shape and there’s a sudden low from that.

It’s about re-adjusting to the new phase of your life, even success needs time to fit into your life.

When you’ve been creating your dream for a while, it takes time to step into it. 

If you have down days, down times give yourself a break, allow whatever is there to be there and use the time to just be down.

It’s not the down days that cause the problem, it’s how you relate to them that does the damage