When I hit my fifties I started to panic, almost constantly that time was running out. I hadn’t paid of my mortgage yet, haven’t paid in enough money into my pension and who know’s what else I was thinking at the time.

Obviously after my life started to crash down around me I had to start thinking differently. I didn’t plan to divorce in my fifties, I didn’t dream it was ever possible. After all I thought I was with my life partner. How wrong was I?

So there I was, in your fifties, starting over and in a worse financial state than I had ever planned for. Then one day I asked myself some questions:

“What if I can never retire?”

“What if there is no state pension when I’m ready to retire?”

“What if 65 is a fake retirement age, aimed at keeping us working all our lives just so we can enjoy the last few years of our lives?”

“And what if I can’t physically enjoy my life at 65, if I am still alive that is?”

That’s when I made a commitment to myself to remove that number out of my head. I no longer sit around trying to calculate how much I’ll have in my pension pot at 65. I no longer aim to retire at 65 or even think about retirement. After all retirement means “giving up ones work/job”


I then asked myself another question “If I was living my passion, would I want to retire?” I looked at people such as The Dalai Lama, David Attenborough, Mick Jagger, Tom Jones, Judi Dench and many other examples. They are well past 65, yet they keep on going.

They are not retired because they love their life and because they stayed true to themselves, true to their passions, their work is their life. Why would they need to retire?

I’ve started living my life now, creating a new lifestyle, doing the things I want now. I don’t look ahead thinking of retirement because I am too busy building a life around my passions.

What I do is value every day, look after my body so it can take me as long as possible through this journey and I enjoy as much of my time as is possible.

So if the retirement age was removed, you were not promised a state pension at 65 or there abouts, what would you do today?

Would you still be planning your early retirement?

Or would you start living your life today?