settle for ordinary

It’s Friday today, I’m sitting at home working on my blog and it’s completely silent, only the loud wind outside is slightly disturbing. The thing is that I’m beginning to love this time I get on my own, doing what I want to do and really importantly, never having to wake up to an alarm clock. This to me is freedom, to be able to decide how your day goes, that’s so liberating.

I don’t say this to try to belittle anyone in a job they enjoy. Our lives are a personal choice. I made a real commitment to myself to turn my life around after it was turned upside down. I made a commitment to live life true to myself and that also means daring to be different.

Daring to be Different – The side affects

Sometimes this different path can be difficult because it takes away all stability and what we perceive to be security. My experience has shown me that to live in that world of grasping at security and stability is only deceiving yourself. To be able to live life on a day to day basis, with a total focus on today is unnerving but so much more healthy.

The three things that daring to be different does:

  • Isolates you from some friends, family and to an extent to a certain part of society. If you are not playing the game anymore, then nobody wants to play with you. That’s the way it goes.
  • Certainly isn’t always comfortable. It feels less safe because you have to carve out a new path and this can be challenging a lot of the time.
  • It requires you to be totally flexible and open to new experiences, new people and try to go with the flow. Again that removes a lot of what we perceive to be secure in our lives and it’s not easy.

Once you know there’s a better way, it’s impossible to go back.

being differentAnd there lies the biggest challenge because once you start seeing things differently, you just can’t go back to what was. Just to remind you, little over a year ago I was married, working in a well paid highly respectable job and thought I’d made it.

Now I look at that time with a little sadness because actually I wasn’t really being me, I was being the person I needed to be to fit in.

Daring to be different is what it takes to be you.

And what you realise when you start to be authentically you is that you attract into your life the people who value you for who you really are. You attract people who dare to be different themselves and your relationships become meaningful and deep. There is real connection rather than everything being on the surface.

So whatever happens, just dare to be different, dare to be you!