The mind is everything

Yes age is more about attitude than anything else. If you think you are old, then you are old. If you think you are past it then you are past it. Simple isn’t it?

Society has a way of making us live life based on numbers, after all age is just a number? Of course our bodies evolve with age, it’s natural. However the way our body ages is a direct consequence to how we treat it. Just as important is our attitude to life.

After a tough couple of years, I decided to focus on reclaiming my physical and emotional fitness; I never believed that age would stop me from living live to the full. I’ve never been much of a rule follower and I’m not about to start now just because society thinks at my age I should be doing things in a particular way.

I just wanted to share a short video from my training in the park today with my personal trainer Jason Levy. He is very much an important part of my journey because he’s approach to personal training includes a spiritual aspect that fits with me.

Perhaps you can try to let go of this age idea and more importantly stop using it as an excuse to do nothing. Life is passing moment by moment, we don’t get to live it again.  Forget what society says you should or shouldn’t be doing right now, it really is your life you know that right? Or perhaps you don’t know?

Who Owns You and Your Life?

Here’s another point I’d like to make about about attitude to life. We take great pride in labeling people in our lives, it seems to give us some kind of false security. My husband, My wife, My Son, My Daughter, My Friend and so on. We identify ourselves with this ownership of people in our lives, with our role in this world. But remember as soon as you stick the “My” in front of something, you assume an ownership. And with that ownership comes a sense of expectation that traps us into the confines of what is “normal” and what is “acceptable” 

Don’t be Owned by anyone 

Don’t Own Anyone

 Be free in your relationships, be free in your attitude

 Own Your Life

And with that I leave you with my short video from today.

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