life happens for us
Those that know me will know that I love my technology. As a computer science graduate it’s no surprise that I’m a bit of a geek. However I am also a mindfulness practitioner so am well aware of the need to put things into perspective, until of course my technology fails or worse I break it!

I’m currently in Cyprus visiting family and friends.Cyprus is like a second home to me after having lived here for many years and of course my family originates from this little troubled island. I decided that I’d spend the day in the town, take a walk to old Nicosia, sit in a local cafe and just do some people watching. Maybe even do a bit of shopping.

Things Never Work Out According to Plan

Do you ever have one of those days when you just think you should have stayed in bed? Well I think today may have been one for me. So the first thing not to go to plan was the parking situation. Had to take a little detour to find a space but no big deal, I found a car park in the end.

Still relatively sane I started to walk towards the town, ready for a my day. Then I saw this bit of graffiti and decided to stop and take a photo.

graffiti mindfulness


How true it is, we are always searching for something even though it’s usually right in front of us! Back to the point though.

When the Mind Starts to Get Lost – Un-mindfulness!

Now to the next adventure, looking for something to eat and drink without any animal. Yes I’m on a vegan journey and it’s been fine so far except when it comes to breakfast it appears.I wrote about my reasons for going vegan here, so please feel free to read the post.

So here I am in Cyprus, a big meat eating country looking for anything to eat without milk, eggs, butter, cheese, sausage and who knows what else! Nothing, I went up and down the same long high road and found nothing. And then I started to notice my mind going a little crazy, thoughts of

“what an underdeveloped country, how can they not have a simple breakfast without animal ingredients?”

“maybe I should just eat eggs!! – I’ll never be a vegan!”

But then my practise came handy, I suddenly became aware of these stories that my mind was starting to play out, I started to pay attention to the negative feelings that were starting to come out and I stopped right there and paid attention. I let it go right there and decided to just go with the flow. Phew felt calm again.

From Mindfulness to Un-Mindfulness

The ultimate mindfulness challenge came when I took my phone out of my bag to take a photo and it just dropped straight out of my hands. Smashed to pieces! And right there went my mindfulness, my calmness and the whole perspective on life. No phone, no contacts, no way to see my bank account, to get int ouch with family, to take photos, to record for my website and no music. That’s a whole lot of life in one little device.

What did I do?

I took a deep breath, changed my attitude which was by now beginning to be down right negative and just put it into perspective. Suddenly I found a shop that would sell me a phone, the guy was so kind and polite. I left him to charge up the new phone, put my sim card in and get it ready for me, while I went in search of coffee and food again.

Then with this renewed attitude I found a place that sold olive pie without any egg or butter, so now I got my food too.

What’s the moral of this story?

One – scary how dependent we are on our technology

Two – our attitude determines how we respond to our thoughts. Change your attitude and the world changes with it!