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Focus on Health Not Weight Loss

When I became single again I made a commitment to take care of myself, who else would do it if not me? I quit smoking and changed my lifestyle. I stopped focusing on weight loss and focused on getting healthier.

Weight Loss V Health in Later Life

As we get older it’s even more important that we take our health seriously. Of course it would be nice to be sexy, lean machines but in reality it’s far better to be healthy, so our body can carry us through life for as long as possible.

Focusing on appearance is about pleasing others, fitting in with stereotypical views of women and generally a lack of acceptance of who you are. So flip your priority to health and appearance will improve as a side affect anyway.

10 Tips for a Healthier You:

1. Stay away from processed foods 

These foods are the worst for our health, the ingredients added to make the food look good or taste better are not meant to go in our bodies, so avoid them.

2. Read the labels 

The sad truth is unless we know what we are eating then we can never be sure what we are putting into our body. Avoiding additives, preservatives and flavours helps to improve our overall health.

3. Organic is better

In most cases it’s always best to go for organic. The chemicals used in the production of food is highly damaging, the more we try to avoid them the better it is for us. Our bodies were not made to consume chemicals.

healthy eating

4. Sugar and Salt

No need to add sugar and salt to our food, there’s enough already in it, especially if it’s prepacked, prepared and processed. Start to reduce the amount you add over time and as your taste buds change you will naturally want less.

5. Organic Coffee is good for you

I love my coffee and I think we should be too extreme with anything in life. Whenever possible I choose organic fair trade coffee. There is some evidence that coffee is particularly good for slowing down mental deterioration during aging. I’d say that’s a good reason to drink coffee (in moderation of course).

6. Reduce or Eliminate Meat

 I tend to not eat meat anymore, it doesn’t really appeal to me. But if you can’t go vegetarian try to reduce how much meat you eat and by good quality. I stopped eating meat because for health reasons, you can read my post about this here. 

7. Chocolate is Good for You!

Eating organic 85% cocoa chocolate is good for you. It is nutritious and contains antioxidants. It may take time to get used to it but it is well worth persevering. Everyday chocolate has no nutritional or health benefits and it’s sugar content is very damaging.

8. Bread 

I love bread, it used to be my main food and I would eat it at most meals. Bread can really make it hard to shift weight and it can make you feel bloated. White processed bread is the worst. It’s not about stopping bread altogether it’s more about eating it less often and when you do, choose grains and seeds. Some research also links wheat with inflammation and aggravating arthritis.

9. Smoothies

If you can’t face breakfast you could start with a smoothie. But be careful because fruit smoothies contain a lot of sugar, so going green is best especially if you are trying to keep the weight down. If you are making them at home make sure you add vegetables such as spinach, kale and broccoli.

10. Eat Mindfully

This is probably the most important lifestyle change. Before you put something in your mouth to eat make sure you are aware of doing it. When you eat sit down and eat with no distractions. Eat slowly so you can really taste your food and appreciate what you are eating. Make eating part of your mindful practice, part of being present in life. That way you are really aware of what and how much you are eating.

Respect your body, you need it to carry you through life