Always Thrive Don’t Just Survive

Your Step by Step Guide to Get You Through Your Break-Up Without Falling Apart.

I was in exactly the same place just a couple of years ago. My thirty year marriage ended, I was clueless to what was going on. And just a few months before all the chaos kicked off, I was made redundant. One minute I was a successful career woman with what I thought was a happy family and the next it all fell apart.

“Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place”

The thing is inspite of all the pain, anger, disappointment, betrayal and financial instability, I would never go back to the way things were. I’m happier now than I have been for years. I’m living my life according to me and I treasure my new freedom. Perhaps it’s the first time I’m actually being authentic.

Right now I doubt you can even see yourself getting through a day without feeling the hurt, pain, anxiety and sometimes uncontrollable emotions. But let me assure you, I can show you how to move on, let go and yes become whole again.

Your break up does not have to define you.

I can show you how to use this painful experience to launch yourself again, to become the person you deserve to be and how to find peace with your past.

Research shows that for every 4 years you were married you need a year to get over it. Wow if that was true I would have needed 7.5 years!! I know that getting over my divorce quickly was important, I already felt I had lost so many years, I couldn’t afford to spend years stuck in the past. I had to learn to let go and let go quickly.

But quick doesn’t mean it’s not thorough, you can not afford to pretend you are OK, you have to be OK, for real! Going through a relationship break-up is one of the most painful experiences you will ever have to deal with. It does need time and you don’t have to prolong it.

How Freedom in Later Life Can Help?

Going through changes later in life has its own unique challenges. Let’s face it, we look forward and realise there’s not as many years ahead as there are behind us. A scary thought. You have a choice, you can ignore, distract, pretend and just cruise through the rest of your life until it comes to an end or you can sit up, pay attention and make this part of your life really count.

Yes your life isn’t the way you wanted it to be but believe me you can make it the best part of your life.

So you are single again, or about to be single – imagine that? Could turn out to be a fun time!

Yes you are hurt right now, but it doesn’t have to be that way for long.

The choice is yours

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do With your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver – The Summer Day

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